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Do I need new tires? How a penny can help.

Checking Tread Depth with a Penny

Tread depth is the measurement from the top of the tread of a tire to its deepest groove. Most tire shops will measure the tread on a tire using a tread depth gauge, but for non-technicians the easiest way to tell whether a tire is near the end of its life is to use a standard U.S. penny. You can do this by placing a penny in the groove with Lincoln’s head facing down as if the tire tread was his hair. When you do this you are checking to see if you can see the entirety of Lincoln's head is showing. If none of the tread is covering the top of his head, then your tires are below the legal tread limit of 2/32” and should be replaced.

Most tires start with a tread depth of 10/32” when new. This will allow for 8/32” of wear on the tire, which is considered its usable life. Most states require a tire to have 2/32" of tread to be considered legal. Anything less than 2/32” will result in a tire that lacks traction in rain/snow and will cause a hazardous situation on the road. The importance of tire tread is to allow space for water to be pushed into when driving on a wet road. The less tread you have the more likely you are to hydroplane. So if you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it is time to get new tires! Give us a call or shop new tires online @ TeliTire Mobile Tire Shop is Richmond, VA' s premier mobile tire service. We install new tires at your home or work.

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